Brew: Cider #1

This was the first Cider experiment. It was made with ±5L of fresh apple juice from a colleague of my mom's orchard and WLP720 (Sweet Mead/Wine Yeast).
It was super sour and quite yeast-y 2 weeks after bottling, but after a week in the fridge the yeast settled out and it was just sour.

Lessens learned: Don't fill a 5L glass carboy with 5L before primary ferment, it will foam over a lot.

Some numbers:

  • SG: ±1.048 (There was some pulp too, so this is probably inaccurate.)
  • FG: ±1.008 (Quite cloudy)
  • ABV: ±5.3%
  • Approx fermenting temp: 21- (Room temp, uncontrolled.)
  • Input volume: ±5L (The carboy is a 5L glass model)
  • Output volume: 12 x 33cl


  • Brew: 2016-11-14
  • Bottle: 2016-12-13
By Dries. Published 2 years ago. Last edit 1 year, 9 months ago