Brew: Beaver Bock

Thanks to Michiel for helping again :smiley:

The malt kit was the "Beaver Bok" from Brouwland, this is the first one where I decided to use bottled water. It's quite cheap here and it makes it easier to not have to worry about water quality and chlorine.

Some numbers:

  • Pre boil: 1.054
  • Post boil: 1.061, target was 1.068
  • Lagering: 1.020 (after ~9 days)
  • ABV: approx 5.7%, target was 7%.

At lagering the beer was devideded in 3x4L + leftovers.

I added a bunch of unknown hops (they have been in our garden for 20 years) to the leftovers, it was approximately 5g frozen on august 17th after 5 days of drying.

The "lagering" happened in the plastic 5L bottles the water came in, with a balloon over top as an airlock. This was an experiment to see if this is a viable method of doing a smaller "experimental" batch and it was mostly successfull.
The result is high selectivity, but not all baches preformed the same. Some didn't start fermenting properly until about 15h later, one started almost instantly. The hop/leftover one started fastest of all.

The total yeild was 11x 75cl (2 hopped) and 17x33cl (3 hopped).

By Dries. Published 1 year, 9 months ago. Last edit 1 year, 4 months ago

At least one of the bottles is bad on this batch, it seems it was too full and/or got infected. (Or maybe it didn't close properly?) There is a slight foam coming from the bottle cap.

One bottle was a bit flat, but I messed up the bottle-conditioning suger on that one, so it was expected.

The beer tastes good, it's nice and drinkable. The color is about as close to the mark as I could hope for.

I need to remember to try a hopped one, and give a some to Michiel :wink:

By Dries. Published 1 year, 4 months ago. Last edit 1 year, 28 days ago