Brew: Cider II ("Boni Jonagold")

This cider was made with "Boni Jonagold" bio applejuice. It's a great all natural, no suger or additives, apple juice.

I wanted to use a packet of WL720 I forgot about and was (well) past it's best-by date, but it didn't take. I ended up adding a packet of lager yeast from a beer kit I bought other yeast for.

I made this when I was lagering the "Beaver Bock" beer. I just added 4l of the apple juice and yeast to one of the leftover water jugs.

The approx starting gravity was only 1.050, but the apple juice has a lot of pulp and is super cloudy.
The botteling gravity was about 1.010.

I botteled 2x75cl and 7x33cl.

I plan on keeping this one on the shelf untill it clears up a lot more, it seemed to work well for the previous batch.

By Dries. Published 1 year, 4 months ago. Last edit 1 year, 28 days ago